Please call us directly so we can evaluate the size or quantity of your donation, and then determine the best way to drop off/pick up the items.

Currently, some of our ongoing needs include Gatorade and pre-packaged snacks.


We are dependent on donations to maintain our services and reach, as well as offering additional functions in the near future.

Both personal or corporate donations are welcome, and are tax deductible.

Your contributions will benefit communities for years to come!

40-foot Event Trailer

Total Estimate: $75,000

$35,000 Custom Build
$15,000 Commercial Generator
$10,000 Video Cameras, Projectors
$7,500 Inflatables, “Carnival” Equip.
$5,000 Sound System
$3,000 LED Lighting
$2,000 Cabling, Equip, Hardware

If you’ve seen us work on location, you’ve seen our existing equipment – but we want to do MORE!

Intended to target our portability, a large multi-purpose trailer is already in the process of custom construction. Among other uses, it will serve at times as a fold-down stage with full lighting and sound, other times as a mechanism to set up and display “movies in the park” on big screens, and a general outfitter for community events on location in local neighborhoods.