Financial Donation Options

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Taking It to the Streets
PO Box 404
Greenwood, MO  64034


More Giving Options
Please get professional help when considering these:
Corporate Matching Funds

Corporate Matching Funds Double your gift to us! Did you know that some employers match all or part of their employees’ donations to registered nonprofit organizations? Check with your company’s Human Resources department to see if any additional benefits or arrangements are available. Taking It to the Streets has been a fully-compliant 501(c)3 since 2001.

Memorial or Special
Circumstance Gifts

Would you like to honor a family member with a gift to Taking It to the Streets that will benefit a large number of recipients? Perhaps someone has passed away, or you want to celebrate a special accomplishment or family event?

Stocks, Bonds, Investments

Donating bonds, real estate, personal property, or stock are other ways to donate! The process can be  complex, but in short: specifying a non-profit organization as a recipient may not require that you pay the typical taxes on capital gains (when compared to selling the assets outright). Get help with this!

Estate and Planned Giving

These gifts usually come from a donor’s assets rather than income, and can be either “outright” or “deferred”. This process requires understanding multiple levels of IRS rules, and the advice of an expert is strongly recommended.

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