Our outreach team leaders have traveled all over the world. We not only travel, but also support international organizations in their efforts to help those in need.

tent_city_wHomeless Outreaches

Our homeless outreach is our form of community service. Our teams hit the streets each week to find those in need of food, clothing and aid. We desire to bring hope to those hurting. We want to be known for serving the best food on the streets, knowing that when those we serve desire to truly want help, we will be the first ones they seek out for help. We are not only serving food, we are loving people for who they are and where they are at in their lives, bringing hope to the hopeless, and letting them know they can change.


Emergency Responsephoto_cw

Our emergency response team is what we consider to be a 2-fold. Starting with, at the request of Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Mayors and Sheriffs, Taking it to the Streets provides aid in their on-site need for food, water, and supplies on emergency calls involving a long duration of time. Secondly, we desire to be the first “boots on the ground” in disasters to set up staging areas for our equipment and teams to begin serving.


photo_dwDisaster Relief

When disaster strikes, some people lose all hope and have a sense of helplessness. Our desire is to help them recover, restore, renew, and rebuild their lives. Taking it to the Streets brings people together to help one another. With our disaster relief specialist, construction managers, consultants, and volunteer worker teams, it is our goal to have a lasting impact in communities. We not only desire to bring food, clothing, shelter, and basic necessities of life, we want to help people rebuild through their loss.